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BLOG ARCHIVE:  01/01/11 - 01/31/11
After the awards were all handed out and the Hall of Fame debates ended, it's been a relatively quiet month in baseball.  One notable exception is Tampa Bay's effort to remain in the AL East race despite an incredibly shrinking payroll.  Rather than simply give up, the Rays added two big name veterans to go along with the smaller budget youngsters on the payroll.  Come spring, Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon will be wearing some Tampa teal and trying to beat their former teams.

I know it's not 2005 anymore and Ramirez's and Damon's best days are well behind them, but for the right price, a little lighting in a bottle is always a possibility, and you can't fault the Rays for trying, unlike other budget teams such as the Pirates who simply don't want to extend the wallet beyond any limits.

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