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BLOG ARCHIVE:  01/01/12 - 01/31/12
It's been a slow January for TCO, but now that Pujols and Fielder have found new homes and the Ryan Braun situation is likely to sort itself out shortly, the focus can go back to the games to be played in April.  As always, TCO will provide its annual Season Preview, but well before that, we'll keep you up to date with any need-to-know news along with providing more links to other sites providing great baseball content.

Congrats to Barry Larkin for being the latest player voted into Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame.  As I mentioned in a December entry, I felt Larkin was deserving, along with Tim Raines.  I'm positive that despite 493 HRs, Fred McGriff is NOT a HOFer, but I'm still not convinced about Jack Morris and Jeff Bagwell.  Bagwell might be an easier choice is the cloud of steroids didn't exist.  While Bagwell was never found guilty of anything, it still exists in voters minds as to who may or may not have been using certain things to gain an edge.  I'll evaluate the players more later in the year.

What bugs me more than Raines not getting in is guys like Brad Radke getting a couple votes.  It's usually a hometown writer throwing a vote to a class guy or a player the writer simply wants to recognize, but it diminishes the point.  The votes should be taken seriously, and anyone giving Brad Radke (or Javy Lopez or Eric Young) a legitimate vote for the Hall of Fame shouldn't be given the right to vote next year.

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