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BLOG ARCHIVE:  02/01/12 - 02/29/12
ESPN's preseason fantasy rankings are already available.  You can check them out here. With third base usually a tough position, ESPN has SEVEN (if you include Hanley Ramirez) third basemen in the top 26.  Remember, position scarcity is another reason that a player might be elevated in rankings above better statistical players, so Kung Fu Panda's ranking at 25 is more a reflection that the dropoff below his at 3B is steep rather than implying that Sandoval is actually the 25th best fantasy player in 2012.  With camps getting busier by the day, look for more posts in the coming month to keep you up-to-date for what should be a very exciting 2012 season.

Losing the likes of Fielder and Pujols to American League teams is a major blow to the overall talent level of the National League, but the one division that offers potential excitement is the NL East.  With Miami spending money as if the new stadium is already paid for, they have upped the ante significantly.  Add Washington's young stars (Zimmerman, Strasburg, Harper, etc.) and high priced free agents to a mix that already includes strong squads in Atlanta and Philadelphia, and the NL East just might be more compelling than the AL East where Boston, New York, and Tampa Bay all figure to fight for playoff spots again.

Pitchers and catchers are packing their bag as we write this, so it won't be long before some actual on-the-field news is available to report.

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