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BLOG ARCHIVE:  03/01/07 - 03/31/07
An early look at TCO's Season Preview:

Check out CBS Sportsline today for an article detailing today's players and the way they use technology to their advantage.  The Rockies explain how their iPods aren't just for music anymore...

Baseball is just one week away, so stay tuned for TCO's Season Preview, coming soon!  In the meantime, has really stepped up their game this year in regards to fantasy baseball, offering free commissioner services and plenty of analysis.  Check it out here!

Happy Birthday, ol' buddy!

History repeating itself:  Chipper Jones sprained his ankle in a spring training game yesterday.  Fantasy owners everywhere are already preparing their weekly coin flip, trying to guess if Jones will play in 2 games or 6 games each week...

Jerry Crasnick of wrote an interesting article today about seven players changing positions this year.  Several of them are making the move to center field, which will likely have a major impact on their respective club's success.  Check out the article here.

Some things never change: it was only March 5th, just four games into spring training, and the Cubs were winless.  Despite the fact that the record is meaningless, new manager Lou Piniella called a team meeting... on March 5th!!  The Wrigley faithful are optimistic this year (as always) but with team meetings in March, it could be a looonnngg summer for the North Siders.

There are several rules changes going into effect this year in MLB, most of them surrounding the ever-present challenge of speeding up a game with no clock.  While those rules will crash and burn within weeks (I just can't picture Dana DeMuth calling an "automatic ball" on Randy Johnson for taking too long to throw the ball), the one that makes sense and should have been in place years ago is the continuance of postponed games ending in a tie.

Previously, a game like the one described above would be replayed in its entirety but the individual stats would count from the postponed game (even though the game itself didn't count in the standings).  That is the least sensical way of handling that particular situation, so it's nice to see baseball finally using a little common sense.

Now, the game will simply be continued when possible.  Simple, logical, effective.