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BLOG ARCHIVE:  03/29/04 - 04/02/04
San Francisco - some nice acquisitions put the Giants over the top in this
parity filled division
San Diego - the balance of fine young hurlers and crafty veteran pitchers
will steady this once rocky ship
Los Angeles - solid pitching but an anemic lineup will result in middle-of-
the-pack status for LA
Arizona - could finish anywhere, but a contending team means avoiding
the injury bug which is unlikely on this "veteran" club
Colorado - last only because someone has to be.  improved, but the poor
pitching means more home wins and road losses, as always

Houston - great pitching, a veteran lineup, and a closer ready to shine
Chicago - even without Prior, the Cubs will contend and should win the
wild card at least
St. Louis - better than advertised, they might give Houston and Chicago a
run for their money
Pittsburgh - unlike Colorado, the Pirates are 4th only because someone
has to be.  the best of the 3 worst Central teams
Cincinnati - lack of starting pitching, like last year, will doom this team
Milwaukee - a hodgepodge of mediocre talent with little hope to win

Philadelphia - overhyped, but still the most well rounded team
Atlanta - probably won't contend, but they won't fall too far either
New York - veteran pitching and young talent up the middle should make
the Mets exciting this year
Florida - lost too much from last year's wild card (and World Series) team
Montreal - too many shaky arms won't be able to carry the 'Spos through
the season's rough patches

Oakland - a very tough division, but the A's pitching should more than
make up for their shaky offense
Anaheim - loads of talent through free agency could mean a wild card
or better
Seattle - underrated every year but stuck in an ultracompetitive division
Texas - searching for pitching for the 93rd consecutive year

Minnesota - too much experience coupled with young talent for this
weak division
Chicago - enough talent to contend but Guillen must make it work
Kansas City - these overachievers still only won 83 games last year and
should approach similar numbers this year
Detroit - veteran free agents make this team more competitive but still
years away from contention
Cleveland - few veterans coupled with youngsters not even projected to be
All-Stars might spell a last place finish

Boston - great starters, good closer, solid hitting = tough to beat
New York - unmatched talent but a lot of ?'s in the rotation
Toronto - emerging starts might be closer to New York than New York
is to Boston
Baltimore - hefty lineup but susceptible pitching up and down the rotation
Tampa Bay - steady lineup with a few future stars but the rotation of five
"who's that" guys will keep them in the cellar
tomorrow: AL Central

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