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BLOG ARCHIVE:  04/01/12 - 04/30/12
It seems like every year many prognosticators pick Kansas City as an "up and coming" team, citing young talent and offering the possibility of a strong finish, this year likely behind Detroit but with division title possibilities.  Puh-lease.  As expected, the Royals are 3-9, 0-6 at home, and you can expect the so-called "young talent" to perform at an average level while the pitching staff is laughable - when Bruce Chen is the "ace," anything north of last place will be a gift. 

On a positive note, congrats to Jamie Moyer for becoming the oldest pitcher to win a game in MLB history the other night against the San Diego Padres (yes, it still counts even against the Padres).  Moyer (age 49+) earned his way into the Rockies rotation and should be commended, but the suggestions that he is now a Hall of Famer (268 wins and counting) is laughable.  Longevity is certainly an enviable trait, especially from a starting pitcher, but toeing the mound for decades simply isn't enough to be considered elite, and little else that Moyer has done in his career suggests elite status.  However, Moyer will have an invitation to the Hall of Good when I get around to creating it.  Harold Baines, Mike Morgan, Javy Lopez, and Edgar Renteria can expect something in the mail as well.

It's been a relatively normal start to the season with very few rainouts, but one unusual play happened in yesterday's game between the Padres and the Dodgers when LA executed the not-so-typical 2-5-6-3 triple play.  It was the first time since 1950 that a 2-5-6-3 triple play has occurred and the first time EVER that it occurred with outs at third, second, and first base.

The play which began with an unintentional hit as Jesus Guzman tried to pull a bunt attempt back as the ball hit the bat caused controversy due to the home plate umpire raising his hands in the air as if to signal a foul ball.  Instead, it appears that Dale Scott (the umpire) was trying to get out of the way and get a decent view, raising his arms slightly in the process.  In any event, the Dodgers played it out and the Padres didn't, so LA ends up with a unique triple play to add to their history.  You can view the play at

Need further confusion?  It was Jackie Robinson Day, so every player, coach, and umpire is walking around with a "42" on their backs or arm sleeves, adding just one more oddity to the rarest of plays.

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