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BLOG ARCHIVE:  05/01/10 - 05/31/10
Hanley Ramirez's recent outburst puts him among the top of my list of professional sports players I no longer root for.  When a player questions his manager because of a lack of professional baseball experience, it undermines authority, makes the player look selfish, and frankly, it's not even logical. 

What matters is experience as a coach or manager, or more generally, experience in a dugout in a position where game experience is gained.  Between playing in the minor leagues and coaching (successfully) in the majors, Freddie Gonzalez has done plenty to earn the respect of his clubhouse.  Hopefully, someday Ramirez will see that.

Looking for a good site to track the closer situations on teams not named the New York Yankees?  The Hardball Times has a nice no-frills page here.

You may not like to read this if you are sitting on your couch in Baltimore, Kansas City, or Arizona, but the MLB season is more than 20% complete.  Fall too far behind, and it's going to be more and more difficult to gain ground.  Fans from Washington and sunny San Diego welcome the passing of the season, however.  Every day that passes with the Padres in first is one less day they can blow the lead.

Who else has surprised The Commish after the first fifth of the season?  Read the latest Hot Corner for the five most surprising teams to date.

Pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg has been promoted to Triple-A, so expect to see him striking out major league hitters for the Nationals sometime soon.  Meanwhile, Jason Heyward hasn't stopped abusing National League hitters.  This could be a very interesting Rookie of the Year chase if Strasburg gets called up soon.

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