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BLOG ARCHIVE:  05/01/11 - 05/31/11
Interesting stat heading into the Memorial Day weekend: if you throw out the best record in the AL (Cleveland) and the worst (Minnesota), the remaining 12 teams are separated by just 5.5 games.  Just as interesting?  It's not a typo that the Twins are on the bottom and the Indians are on top.

The NL is much more in line with expectations: Philadelphia leads the way, while Houston, San Diego, Washington, and other teams with struggling offensive talent bring up the rear.

Harmon Killebrew died at the age of 74 yesterday, and because he didn't do steroids and didn't play for the Yankees, Red Sox, or Dodgers, many people don't know how truly great he was.  A Hall of Famer and constant All-Star, Killebrew eclipsed 40 home runs in a season EIGHT times, won an MVP, finished in the top 10 in MVP seven times, and was almost always in the top 5 for OPS each year. compares his numbers to the likes of Mike Schmidt, Eddie Mathews, and a guy named Mantle.  Like I said, Killebrew was truly a great ballplayer.  He will be missed.

It's Friday the 13th, and some may find it downright scary that Cleveland is still in first place.  The other divisions are starting to fall into place a little, with Tampa Bay putting on a recent surge to take over the AL East for the time being.  Texas, Oakland, and LA figure to continue battling all through the summer, while I expect St. Louis and Cincy to put a little distance between themselves and the rest of the NL Central.  Philadelphia looks solid despite some high quality teams in Atlanta and Florida while the NL West, as always, is too impossible to predict.

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