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BLOG ARCHIVE:  05/01/12 - 05/31/12
Ryan Dempster has yet to secure a win this year, although he should be an All-Star.  Matt Cain has made a career of pitching well and losing.  Is it finally time to ignore wins and losses entirely for pitchers?  TCO takes a look at some underlying stats in the latest Hot Corner and explains why 4-2 is not better than 0-2 in some cases.

With Mariano Rivera ending his season with an ACL tear, it's interesting to note that, at age 42 and possibly not coming back, Rivera ranks number 1 in career ERA (2.21) for pitching with a minimum of 1,000 innings.  Reliever or not, that's impressive.  Here's hoping Rivera rehabs and comes back next year, but if not, there hasn't been a more dominant AND consistent reliever in my lifetime.

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