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BLOG ARCHIVE:  06/07/04 - 06/16/04
Halfway Home...
Carlos Lee of the Chicago White Sox extended his hitting streak to 28 games last night (thanks to extra innings).  If he can just do the whole streak one more time, he'll tie Joe DiMaggio.

Expansion in baseball may have caused some watering down of talent, but a quick look at tonight's starting pitchers reveal there's still plenty of talented young arms with the potential for long, successful careers.  Among tonight's starters: Carlos Zambrano, Wade Miller, Jon Garland, A.J. Burnett, Johan Santana, Oliver Perez, Brandon Webb, Barry Zito, Freddy Garcia, and Brian Lawrence among others, not to mention veterans Kenny Rogers, Russ Ortiz, Jason Schmidt, and Matt Morris.  Not bad for a day's work.

Okay, okay, so not everyone agrees with The Commish all the time.  Regarding my rant on TiVo, here are some comments from readers:

Some comments were simple, such as this from Jon Erickson:
I still like TiVo better!

Others were not, such as this passage from loyal reader Dan Hennessy:

You are an idiot.

I chose those words carefully, as I wanted to properly express my disgust for your recent foul territory rant.  As an owner of DirecTv and TiVo, I can tell you that $99 for the box and the $5 per month are a small price to pay for the way that TiVo has changed my family's life.  From watching a show while taping multiple other shows, to always having Dora ready to go in seconds when my daughter needs a fix, TiVo is the bomb.  No more thinking about when things are on, no more letting the networks tell you when you have to be home, no more VHS tapes!  And the complex set-up that you describe, either you are uninformed, or you are the type of person who can't yet use an ATM.  Set-up couldn't be easier.  Also, VHS tapes recording over and over?  Yeah, they always look good after a few hundred Seinfelds have been taped. a nutshell...3 words: PAUSE LIVE TV.

Maybe you should spend more of your time answering legitimate e-mail questions about baseball, or updating Bunker & Dewey, before you rant against vastly improved technology.

You probably still bake potatoes in your oven.

One of your 3 loyal readers.

P.S. Lending to co-workers???? When was the last time that happened?  Wasn't Dynasty still on the air?

Let me start by saying I just lent a tape to a co-worker two weeks ago.  I also mentioned in the article that DirecTV's TiVo is the only one with two tuners at this point, so my argument was against the stand alone TiVo PVRs more so than those packaged with DirecTV.

I still stand by my view because I already do all of those things mentioned in Dan's response with my VCRs except for pausing live TV.  I don't find a need for pausing live TV because if I'm watching sports (which is often the case), they feed me plenty of replays already.  If the kids are making noise and I have to leave the TV for a minute, I somehow manage to survive missing that minute of TV at the expense of $13/month (the $5/month is only for DirecTV owners).  Now if you'll excuse, I have to check on my potatoes - they should be ready in about 45 more minutes.

Whether you agree with me or not, thank you to all my readers who have sent in comments.  Your feedback is always appreciated.

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In the Phillies/White Sox series, there have been 17 home runs and 48 runs scored in just TWO GAMES!  I don't know what the line is for tonight, but I would certainly lean toward the "over."

I heard on the Cubs' broadcast last night that the North Siders are averaging OVER capacity per game in attendance (due to a plethora of SRO tickets sold).  Meanwhile the first place White Sox struggle to fill the first level of their park every game (except when they play the Cubs).  What a difference a few miles makes...

Foul Territory returns with an interesting proposal for all you TV fans out there.  If you own TiVo or have even considered it, you must read this article because Michael Marcinkus has found a better, cheaper solution to your TiVo problems.

I attended the Cubs game Friday, watching Mark Prior's return to greatness and the Cubs' return to futility, if at least for one day.  While there were few hits to be excited about, there were four dazzling defensive plays worth the price of admission.  In order of greatness, counting down to the best:

4. Moises Alou diving for a line drive in the late innings.
3. Moises Alou throwing out Jack Wilson at the plate.
2. Tike Redman laying flat out in center field to spear a sure gapper.
1. Some dude wearing a vintage Ernie Banks jersey snagging a soft liner just past the Cubs' dugout, catching the ball with his left hand and holding his full beer in his right, nary a drop to be spilled.

Fantasy Opinion:  trade those Reds players now while they're at a premium.  With Houston, St. Louis, and Chicago in the division, the magic won't last forever, and Casey, Griffey, Graves, etc. are going to be worth more now than at any other time in the season.

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