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BLOG ARCHIVE:  06/01/12 - 06/30/12
All of this "hard luck" pitching talk on TCO must have calmed the baseball gods and got them off of Matt Cain's back as he was able to pitch a memorable perfect game last week (with 10 runs of support no less) and follow it up with someone even more improbable: a rough outing lasting only 5 innings but still managing to get a win thanks to some early run support.

The latest Fantasy Focus and Hot Corner columns both discuss "hard luck" pitching, when a starting pitcher puts up good numbers and performs well but just can't get a win.  Last night was more of the same for Cliff Lee.  To date, in 9 starts this season, Lee has 7 quality starts, has pitched at least 6 innings in every outing, and has allowed 2 or fewer runs in 5 of those starts.  In an April start, he threw 10 shutout innings against the Giants.  Last night, he struck out 12 Dodgers in 7 2/3 IP.  Cliff Lee's win total for 2012? 0. 

Somewhere down the line, Lee will likely snare a win or two after giving up half a dozen runs, but as of right now, the Phillies' offense owes his a few in the "W" column.

Just think if you gave up on Giancarlo Stanton or Albert Pujols on May 1st?  Now that it's June 1st, it's still not time to give up on the winless Cliff Lee.  Are there others worth waiting for?  Yes, but it's up to you to look at underlying factors.  The latest Fantasy Focus calms your nerves and teaches patience for those who deserve it.  Check it out now!

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