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BLOG ARCHIVE:  09/01/11 - 09/30/11
For those of you who still haven't exhaled after the exhilarating finale to the regular season, it's time to take a quick breath because the playoffs start today!  TCO is eating plenty of crow after wrongly predicting the lack of a wild card race long ago.  We also won't mention our preseason prediction of the Dodgers beating the Red Sox in the World Series.  Too late. 

Well, try to forget about all that and stay with us as The Commish gives you his annual Playoff Preview, complete with predictions (accuracy questionable at best).  Check out the latest Hot Corner for the Division Series Preview which begins tonight.  That's right, playoff baseball in September, not in November!

The Commish gave up on the regular season over three weeks ago.  Do he act too soon?  A new Hot Corner examines the latest Wild Card races, looking at each team's remaining schedule.  Will the Rays and Cards catch the slumping Red Sox and Braves?  The Commish tells all in the latest Hot Corner.

How do you know when your franchise is suffering through a couple bad decades?  When this season has been considered a success even though another sub-.500 record is guaranteed as of September 14th.  Yes, we're talking about the Pittsburgh Pirates, and while there is a little room for optimism (McCutchen, Walker, Hanrahan, etc.), in a professional league, failing to get above .500 is not really positive because other teams are constantly rebuilding too, not to mention spending more money.  At least Pittsburgh has the Steelers.  That makes even Cleveland a little jealous.

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