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It took a few days for The Commish to muster some words to describe the ugliness that was this year's World Series.  Just in time for Halloween, though, the latest Hot Corner gives the scary details of St. Louis' championship run.

I'm sure it's different for Detroit and St. Louis fans, but this World Series just hasn't been one to write home about.  In most cases, the games have been won due to the failings of the other team rather than the heroics of the victors.

Fallen outfielders, bad throws, and plenty of errors from the pitchers have led to three Detroit losses.  Plenty of credit goes out to timely hitting by the likes of Rolen, Eckstein, and others, but the games just aren't being won by success;  they are being lost by failure.

Here's hoping the Tigers get their act together tonight, sending the series back to Detroit for a (hopefully) exciting conclusion.

Despite the long layoff, Nate Robertson looked pretty good last night.  Unfortunately for the Tigers, Chris Carpenter looked even better as St. Louis shut out Detroit to take a 2-1 lead in the series.  Look for Jeremy Bonderman to even up the series tonight against Jeff Suppan.

Kenny Rogers single-handedly evened the series last night.  The real question is what was ON that single hand?

The site is up and running swimmingly again.  Just in time for you to check out TCO's World Series Preview in the latest Hot Corner!

My webhost has been experiencing server problems the past few days.  TCO's World Series Preview has been written (prediction: Tigers in 6).  It will be published as soon as possible.

If you are a Mets fan and feel a heart attack coming on at the thought of losing to the Cardinals, check out this story before you choose your coffin.

The Detroit Tigers are doing exactly what the Chicago White Sox did last year:  steamrolling through the playoffs thanks to a DEEP pitching staff and a lineup that can produce anywhere from 1 to 9.  It's hardly the Bronx Bombers, but the Tigers put enough runners on base consistently.  Runners lead to runs, and runs lead to wins when you have a bullpen like Detroit's.

In the National League, I kept claiming that St. Louis had no chance because of their pitching, but the more I look at the pitching MATCHUPS (thanks to no Pedro, no El Duque), the more worried I get about my prediction.  Luckily for New York, Pujols hasn't had an RBI since Game 2 against San Diego.  If baserunners can get on for Pujols, St. Louis will still have a chance.

Game 5 is scheduled for tonight, but the rain in the forecast might push it back a day.

35 years ago today, the first night game in World Series history was played.  Over 60 million viewers tuned in, setting the stage years later for young children on the east coast drinking cappuccinos while their favorite team is tied in the 8th at 1a.m. in the morning.  Anything for a dollar.

Big time apologies from TCO to Jeff Weaver.  I didn't think Weaver had it in him to give his team another strong outing, but he did.  Of course, he lasted less than 6 innings and he LOST, but he didn't get any support from the offense.  On the flip side, Glavine showed that a true gamer goes deeper in the game, making it a shorter game for the bullpen.  For those of you who never wanted to give Glavine any credit, claiming he benefited from a wide zone, etc., shame on you.  290 wins and a plethora of solid postseason outings will land this DESERVED future Hall of Famer in Cooperstown about 5 years after he decides to hang it up.

It was anything but pretty as Detroit won Game 1, watching Oakland strand more players than there are A's fans.  The NLCS was supposed to begin tonight, but rain has pushed it back a day.  At least you now have time to read TCO's NLCS Preview in the latest Hot Corner.

Condolences to Cory Lidle's family.  Lidle died today after crashing a plane into a building in Manhattan earlier this afternoon.

TCO's ALCS Preview is now available.  The Commish didn't fare so well in the Division Series, but this time he is SURE he got it right - just don't quote him on that.  Find it all in the latest Hot Corner.

In this world of fantasy baseball, it's nice to know we're not alone.  Unless, of course, you have Jeff Kent on your team.  Tom Candiotti explains how fantasy became reality over a decade ago.

Let's not kid ourselves: these playoffs have been pretty boring and uneventful so far.  Luckily, it only takes one good series to turn that around, and the Detroit-Oakland matchup just might be that one.  In the meantime, check out the latest Hot Corner for The Commish's hindsight on his 0 for 4 predictions and why Joe Torre needs to be told why Alex Rodriguez should NEVER hit eighth.

After proving their worth throughout all of September, the NL West has come up shooting blanks in the playoffs.  Los Angeles now finds itself down 2-0 to a Mets team desperate for starting pitching.  The Dodgers have beaten themselves the first 2 games thanks to fielding errors, baserunning gaffes, and lackadaisical play.

In San Diego, the Padres hoped to head to St. Louis with a chance to finish off the Cardinals.  Instead, Jake Peavy imploded in Game 1 and the entire Padres lineup didn't have an answer for Jeff Weaver (the same pitcher entering the game with an ERA of 9.72 in 4 previous playoff appearances) in Game 2.  St. Louis' glaring weakness is its pitching, but San Diego has failed to capitalize.  If the trend continues, the Padres will be looking at a quick exit just like last year.

My predictions were a bit off yesterday, and with all the pitching rotations suddenly changing from the original schedule (no Maddux vs. Glavine, Wells instead of Chris Young, etc.), I'm a little gunshy today.  Instead, I'll just stick to my overall Division Series predictions, even the one with Minnesota beating Oakland.

Today's fearless predictions:
Minnesota will win 6-2.
Los Angeles will win 8-3.
New York (AL) will win 7-6.

Johan Santana pitched good but not great, but with Barry Zito dealing and Frank Thomas slugging, it wasn't enough.  Now the Twins will face incredible pressure to win 3 of the next 4 from Oakland, knowing they can only go to Santana just once more.

In San Diego, St. Louis' leadoff hitter failed to reach base in 5 tries, while San Diego's 1 and 2 hitters reached base a combined 5 times.  Everything after that was a disaster for the Padres.  Pitcher Jake Peavy failed miserably for the 2nd time in 2 career playoff starts and Albert Pujols homered to no one's surprise.  In the end, San Diego's middle of the lineup failed to take advantage of the top of the order's success, managing just 1 hit the entire game.

Shocking no one, the appropriately named Bronx Bombers destroyed Detroit and pitcher Nate Robertson, managing 7 runs and 12 hits off the Tigers' starter.  Even those of us (read: me) who believe Derek Jeter is overrated have to give him credit for setting the playoff bar high tonight with an impressive 5 for 5 performance in Game 1.

I know you are wondering why I GUARANTEE that St. Louis will not be in the World Series.  Wonder no more, adoring fan!  The 2006 Division Series Preview is now available, complete with all my predictions and an explanation of why St. Louis needs a lot more than just Albert Pujols if they want to see rings on their fingers this year.

Earlier in the year, it looked like a foregone conclusion that an AL team would win it all.  Detroit, Chicago, New York, Boston, Oakland, and Los Angeles all looked better than anything in the NL around late June.  Now, with the AL teams limping into the playoffs (only Minnesota has a winning record in its last 10) and the NL West looking strong (LA and San Diego are a combined 17-3 in their last 20 games), suddenly it's as possible to see the Padres in the World Series as it is the Tigers.

Stay tuned for my postseason predictions.  As promised, St. Louis will NOT be in the World Series.  You can bank on it and I'll tell you why tomorrow.

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