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Addressing a need but at a major risk, the Giants signed closer Armando Benitez to a 3 year deal worth about $21 million, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.  While Benitez was dominant last year, $7 million per year is a lot of money for a pitcher who only throws about 75 innings in a season.

For those of you addicted to hot stove happenings in the offseason, ESPN has a great web page called Free Agent Tracker which pretty much does what the name says.  It's not incredibly useful right now, but in a month or two, it will be quite handy when you forget that Rudy Seanez signed a one year deal with San Diego for $550,000.

With little happening in baseball this week, aside from the Nationals going out on a limb and choosing red, white, and blue as their colors, I'll give you my "can't miss" picks for Thursday's NFL games:

Detroit (+8.5) over Indianapolis, although Indy will win the game.

Chicago (+3.5) over Dallas, and Da Bears will win the game outright, even though no one in their right mind should be watching these two teams.

The Commish took some family time and headed for some warmer weather last week.  Fear not, TCO fans!  I am back, rested, and ready to provide you with baseball insight and opinion.  While I was gone, the MVP's were announced and, to no one's surprise, Barry Bonds and Vladimir Guerrero were the proud winners.  I'll be back tomorrow with more to feed your baseball fever.

Quick MLB updates:
Bobby Cox and Buck Showalter were named Manager of the Year in their respective leagues yesterday.
Today, Johan Santana decidedly won the AL Cy Young Award.

Non MLB note:
Another sign of the apocalypse:  on TV last night, AMC, which stands for AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS, showed the mediocre horror film "I Know What You Did Last Summer."  That's like showing a Miami Dolphins clip on a weekend football highlight reel.

With Clemens winning the NL Cy Young Award and Randy Johnson coming in second, what does it say about the future of pitching when the two best hurlers in the league are on the wrong side of 40?

Continuing his success from the regular season, pitching phenom Jake Peavy got the win in Japan for the Major League All-Stars yesterday, throwing 5 quality innings with no walks.  Read the rest of the story here, and don't forget Peavy's name on draft day!

The results are in for the AL Rookie of the Year, and Stills, Nash, and Young must be very proud.

The Diamondbacks butchered their search for a new manager, first hiring then firing Wally Backman in a span of four days.  Read the article, then visit the Hot Corner for The Commish's take on Arizona's hypocrisy.

MLB News:
Greg Maddux and Andruw Jones head the list of NL Gold Glove winners for 2004.
Charlie Manuel will take over as manager for the Phillies in '05.
Longtime Yankee Willie Randolph will stay in New York but don the orange and blue "NY" as the Mets new manager.

The AL Gold Glove winners were announced today, including some long time winners (I Rod) and some newbies (Jeter).

Jim Leyland claims he is no longer interested in the Mets job, and I'm thinking it has to have something to do with New York's "no smoking" laws.

While Kevin Millar is busy telling everyone on The Best Damn Sports Show (easily the most ironic title for a show ever) that the Red Sox drank shots before their playoff games, resist that urge and go out and vote today if you haven't already.

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