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Happy New Year to all loyal patrons of Capper’s Corner.  I’m sitting here with my eyes crossing from watching all the bowl games and just remembered the NFL is still going on and I need to lay some words of wisdom on the huddled masses.

If I sound a little full of myself, well…  a 6-1 week will do that to you.  Last week was a terrible week to try to figure out, with all the playoff scenarios and such, but it went my way and I would personally like to thank Kansas City for wanting to get that record for Priest Holmes.  That kept their starters in the game just long enough to cover the 10 points.  Sweet!!!

The season record on best bets now sits at a reasonably satisfying 29-24-4.  Considering the start, that’s something I am very proud of.  Best Bets are 18-5 the last four weeks.  I hope to keep it up through the playoffs.

Speaking of which, lets take a look at Wild Card Weekend:

The playoffs are all about winning.  Win and you still have Super Bowl dreams.  Lose and you go home to your 20 room mansion and count your stock portfolio (pro sports sure has changed since the 50’s, huh?)  So, once again, I caution all of you to remember that NONE of these guys care whether or not we make any money off their efforts.  The idea is to get out with a victory and move to the next round.

With only four games, there are no best bets this week.  Every game is in play.  Here we goooooo…….

Tennessee (+½) at Baltimore  o/u  40
Steve McNair is once again questionable for this game.  Anyone that believes he won’t play, well, I’ll spare you the “swampland for sale in Florida” comment.  This game comes down to the Tennessee defense against Jamal Lewis.  The cream rises to the top come playoff time.  There is a reason this game started with Baltimore as a two point favorite and could go Tennessee being favored by game time.  Take the TITANS plus the ½ while you can get it and lean to the UNDER.

Dallas (+3) at Carolina  o/u  34½
First one to three wins!  This game should be tight from the first minute on.  Dallas is by no means a championship caliber team, but they have a championship caliber coach.  It certainly could go either way, and conventional wisdom says the Panthers will squeak by at home.  But we aren’t really interested in who will win.  We want to know who will cover and three points is too may to give Parcells, even on the road.  Go with the COWBOYS plus the three and the UNDER.

Seattle (-7) at Green Bay  o/u  44½
The big doggie trend finished the regular season 14-4.  It was fun while there were lots of games and you could count on a few 10 point home underdogs, but this is the playoffs.  I’m not going to follow it until I see some evidence it will carry over.

Three things jump out at me in this game.  First is the Green Bay “frozen tundra of Lambeau Field” mystique.  Temperatures for the game are predicted for the mid 20’s and there is a possibility of snow showers.  The second thing is Seattle’s horrendous road record (2-6) this season.  Finally, anybody that doesn’t believe that Brett Favre has an angel on his shoulder since his father’s death two weeks ago needs to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” one more time.  I’m not one to challenge destiny.  While I think the spread is a bit too much, I’m still going to play the PACKERS and give a nod to the UNDER.

Denver (+3) at Indianapolis  o/u  48½
Clinton Portis is scheduled to play, but whether he is 100% is definitely up in the air.  Denver blew out Indy two weeks ago, but this is the playoffs.  Indy has played poorly down the stretch, but I can’t see them not being focused in crunch time.  It’s win or go home time and I will take the home team COLTS and lay the three.  I also like the UNDER in this one.

For The Record:
Dana Harris' Best Bets ATS:
Week 17:    (6 - 1 - 0)
YTD:           (29 - 24 - 4)

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Wild Card Weekend
January 2, 2004
by Dana Harris