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February 4, 2005

With the Super Bowl just days away, the most important part of the game probably hit your desk sometime yesterday or today: your numbers for the squares you bought in your Super Bowl office pool!  Stuck with a 9 and a 0 in the $20 square you purchased?  Fret not, your money may not be wasted yet.

In fact, some of the final scores in recent Super Bowl history have ended with numbers not associated with office pool winnings.  32-29, 34-29, and 49-26 are just three of the oddball scores in the past ten years.  That 0-9 combination you get stuck with has actually paid off 5 times in 152 Super Bowl quarters.

Need more information about your squares and your chances?  Look no further than The Commish Online's "Squaralysis."  Squaralysis (see attachment at the bottom of the article) shows the frequency that each combination has hit at the end of a quarter in a Super Bowl.  The most frequent combinations are no surprise: 0-7, 0-3, and 0-0 respectively.  There are a few combinations, however, that have hit more than expected (0-5, 1-5, etc.).

While 20 of the 55 combinations (inverse combinations are combined, such as 3-7 and 7-3) have NEVER hit in a Super Bowl quarter, the worst individual digits are 2 and 5, so a 2-5 square does not look very profitable for Sunday.

For the rest of the Squaralysis, check out the Excel attachment at the bottom of the page, and don't forget, it's not who wins the game, but what the digits are!