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Change – Not Just For Couch Cushions
August 22, 2006

It was recently mentioned to me that I resist change.  How can that be?  I’ll forego my afternoon Coke for a Pepsi every now and then.  I’ll run my morning jogging route in reverse every couple weeks or so.  Heck, I’m so spontaneous I’ll have pancakes… for dinner!

Truth be told, if I weren’t married, I’d probably be writing this column in parachute pants and my 8th grade New Balance basketball shoes.  I still watch every new Simpsons episode even though they get less funny each year.  I stuck with Family Ties even after Andy was born (and suddenly became a six year-old over night).  I pretty much stay with anything long after it has “jumped the shark.”  Creature of habit, stuck in my ways, resistant to change:  whatever it’s called, that’s me.

In life’s most important roles, I believe consistency is good.  I’m not much for wife swapping or job hopping, so I think my happiness in a long relationship and job loyalty are assets.  Life doesn’t become stuffy and boring when you come home from the same job every day to greet your same wife and same kids.  The monotony comes when you do those things AND eat cheese pizza for dinner five days in a row.  Me?  I can live with that, too.  In fact, that’s heaven to me, but I’m starting to see that my lack of diversification is not the norm.

Realizing my resistance to change was hardly an epiphany.  Almost two years ago my wife brought home that Windex stuff that connects directly to the hose to wash outside windows.  No wiping, no drying, no fuss.  Sounds like a no-brainer.  EXCEPT, that’s not the way I do it, so it’s probably not worth trying.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

This past weekend, I noticed the bulky green bottle on a shelf in the laundry room.  Less a reduction of my stubbornness and more a result of “if I use this I can get rid of one more thing in this house,” I grabbed the Windex and headed outside.  Minutes later, I had crystal clear windows and not a dirty paper towel in sight.  Unbelievable – positive results from change!

Of course, always believing I’m right is another trait I’m unwilling to change, so I passed off the Windex discovery as a great idea on my part.   When I relayed this information to my wife, she reminded me that SHE bought it and told me to try it two years ago.  Then she told me I am resistant to change.  Like I said, hardly an epiphany.

I took the news in stride and thought of other ways I might be willing to open up.  A little jelly on my toast tomorrow?  Maybe.  Perhaps a bike ride instead of a jog?  Sure, why not?  And maybe a little mayo on my turkey sandwich?  Mayo?  Never.  NEVER.  Change can be good, but nothing positive comes from mayo.  Nothing.