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What does FPS stand for?

- FPS stands for Fantasy Production Statistic.  I made the name up because I am lame.

What is FPS?

- FPS (Fantasy Production Statistic) is a statistic I hastily developed to track the overall production of individual players in our league.  It is a simple way of looking at the value of a player in "fantasy" terms.  FPS involves only the statistics used in 5x5 leagues.  Values are simply added or subtracted to arrive at a final number.  I had to decrease the value of some statistics more than was mathematically logical because it is pretty obvious that Trevor Hoffman was not 50% more valuable than A-Rod last year, which is what was happening because of the high value I placed on saves.  The current model has been tested extensively and should provide a decent measure of how valuable a player is to his fantasy team.  It is most effective when used over a whole season, but it does help even in short term situations.  Most importantly, it gives the owners one more thing to argue about.

How is FPS Calculated?

- Ancient Chinese secret.  Actually, FPS is calculated by the following:

AB           -0.3
H             +0.9
HR          +6.6
RBI         +1.6
R            +1.5        
SB          +10
W            +20
K             +1.6
S             +13
ER           -2.6
BB           -0.65
H             -0.65
INN          +1.5