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Holt Tries to "Catch" Rice's Record
December 1, 2003
by Ward Lowe

An NFL record is in jeopardy.

I know there’s a month of regular-season football left. I know some of you think I’m jinxing the guy for even mentioning the possibility of him breaking a record, but c’mon—this is not the cover of Sports Illustrated.

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Torry Holt could eclipse the single-season mark for receiving yards set in 1995 by then-San Francisco receiver Jerry Rice. Other players could conceivably set new records in other categories, but none are ahead of record pace—except for Holt.

Rice ran up 1,848 yards in ‘95, a pace of 115.5 yards per game. Holt sits at more than 116 yards per game, and his productivity has increased each month of the season: 376 yards in September, 402 in October, and more than 500 in November. If he can repeat or exceed his November yardage during the last month of season, Holt will go into the books ahead of Rice.

Help me save “Monday Night Football”
I want to enjoy “Monday Night Football,” but the show’s producers just won’t let that happen. They took a step in the right direction by eliminating the third man from the booth. I don’t care if Howard Cosell’s ghost knocks on the door next week in Cleveland—three people trying justify their jobs doesn’t make for good football commentary.

But as they improved the booth, they ruined the sidelines by hiring Lisa Guerrero, whom I discussed a few weeks ago. However, they is a way out: Put Lisa Guerrero permanently on “Monday Night at the Mic” as a performer, dancer—whatever. That becomes her job until her contract mercifully expires. She was on the show only for her looks anyway, so why not use her talents to entertain at halftime?

“Monday Night at the Mic” is a halftime diversion featuring NFL players competing musically, backed up by big-name bands: Chargers quarterback Doug Flutie playing drums with Barenaked Ladies, kickers Martin and Bill Gramatica singing with Santana, Falcons defensive back Bryan Scott playing keyboards for Michelle Branch, etc.

It’s mesmerizing—like a car wreck—and perfect for Guerrero. So let’s get the phones at ABC/ESPN/Disney ringing. Save “Monday Night Football.”

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