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2010 Season Preview
April 6, 2010

The Commish Online has been providing Season Previews for many years now, and it's time to try something a little different.  Anyone can list the teams and make predictions (which most people never go back and look at after the season ends anyway).  At TCO, we like to keep things fresh, so for 2010, each team's outlook will be represented with a haiku.  Try finding that in your local newspaper or on!

AL East
New York
blistering offense
CC and AJ on mound
maybe repeat champs
Papi back to form
pitching depth carries BoSox
Wild Card or better
Tampa Bay
Evan Longoria
superstar in the making
division too tough
young and old gather
the upstart O's surprise us
proud .500 year
downward sloping Jays
Halladay loss not replaced
pitching in shambles

AL Central
Peavy prime pitcher
division title in reach
Quentin stays healthy?
no Nathan spells doom
Target Field will be a hit
but late innings fail
health and age a risk
can compete for division
if luck falls their way
Kansas City
lineup of castoffs
Greinke can't do it alone
not sold on this group
Fausto can't throw strikes
lineup has many unknowns
not much hope for Tribe

AL West
Los Angeles
steady rotation
Kendry has a bright future
top flight manager
lineup that can mash
I'm loving the young hurlers
Millwood will be missed
powerless lineup
too much weight on Lee and "King"
Bradley spells trouble
always competing
talent falls a little short
a chance for third place
NL East
can't bet against them
no lineup holes anywhere
Roy in the playoffs
deepest pitching staff
two injury-prone corners
maybe a wild card
unheralded stars
questionable rotation
a volatile group
intriguing hitters
Strasburg could mean no last place
might even tease third
New York
injuries to stars
Johan can't pitch every day
can Bay and Wright slug?

NL Central
St. Louis
will win by 10 games
could sure use a lefty arm
no competition
expect a surprise
Chapman will rule Cincy town
86 wins this year
Zaun too old to catch
Wolf will not repeat '09
Braun, Prince not enough
Lilly MUST have health
platoons with everyday jobs
long Chi-town summer
bullpen, where are you?
depth is a major problem
Berkman loss hurts most
can't find .500
McCutchen is worth watching
little else exciting

NL West
a perfect 1-2
Tulowitzki does it all
wins a close West race
San Francisco
a suspect defense
love pitchers from 1 to 5
dependence on vets
Los Angeles
Broxton is the best
what becomes of Billingsley?
must meet potential
not trusting Conor
season hinges on Webb's health
OBP problems
San Diego
best hope is low scores
no one to protect Gonzo
expect deadline deals

AL Playoff teams:  New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston (WC)
ALCS:  New York over Boston
NL Playoff teams:  Philadelphia, St. Louis, Colorado, and Atlanta (WC)
NLCS:  Colorado over Atlanta

World Series:  New York (AL) over Colorado

The Yankees have too much firepower to miss the playoffs, and once they get in, I see a similar path as last year.  Sabathia will be in control, the lineup becomes too deep to defeat in a long series, and as always, Mariano Rivera shuts the door en route to the World Series.

In the National League, Philly stands out in the regular season, but once the postseason begins, I believe a bullpen in flux and a reliance on Halladay will prevent the Phillies from making their third straight appearance in the World Series.  Instead, Colorado will lead its exciting lineup past the Braves and into the Series.

Gonzalez and Fowler will be stubborn on the basepaths against New York, but in the end, Jimenez and company won't be able to match up against a lineup that never takes a break.  ARod, Teixeira, Jeter, and the rest of the gang will be hoisting the World Series trophy above their heads for the second straight season.
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