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MLB Notes
April 25, 2003

AL East
Yankees - appear stronger than ever and are still awaiting the return of their All-Star shortstop and All-Star closer
Red Sox - still winning games despite the shaky bullpen
Orioles - won their last 3 series and have the Devil Rays and Tigers on tap
Devil Rays - Lou has them playing to their potential which is, unfortunately, a .364 winning pct.
Blue Jays - Halladay is still looking for his first win

AL Central
Royals - 16 - 3??  Are you serious??
White Sox - above .500 but haven't played any serious competition yet
Twins - mired in a losing streak thanks to their inability to beat the Yankees
Indians - struggling to find consistent hitting
Tigers - doubled their win total in one day on Thursday

AL West
Mariners - versatile lineup paying dividends so far
Athletics - waiting for Tejada to find his groove
Angels - first 18 games were in division and played .500
Rangers - outslugging some teams but desperately need pitching with Valdes out

NL East
Braves - everyone worried, but here they are tied for 1st thanks to 9-1 record in last 10 games
Expos - taking adtantage of the Mets and Reds to bolster their record
Phillies - offseason acquistions have paid off so far
Marlins - running circles around teams but need more pop in the lineup
Mets - age and injuries spell more trouble for the struggling squad

NL Central
Cubs - pitching seems to be the real deal
Astros - Biggio and Bagwell start hot, waiting for Berkman to follow
Pirates - loss of Fogg and Giles will test their depth for a couple weeks
Cardinals - desperately need Izzy back as they drop 5 straight by 2 runs or less
Brewers - sweep by Marlins show the Brew crew which team is on the rise and which team needs to keep rebuilding
Reds - will be taking out ads in the Cincinnati Post for starting pitchers soon

NL West
Giants - Dusty who?  Jeff who?  David who?
Rockies - Chacon has them on a roll
Dodgers - no one can hit the ball out of the park right now
Padres - young pitchers taught a lesson in 3-game debacle in Denver last week
Diamondbacks - seemed to age 10 years in the past 6 months

Other Notes and Predictions
Looks can be deceiving
The White Sox are 12-10 but have yet to play New York, Boston, Minnesota, Seattle, Oakland, or Anaheim.

You say potato, I say ...
Florida, at 12 - 11, has 42 stolen bases.  Oakland, at 12 - 10, has just 4 stolen bases.

What's a winning streak?
Detroit will finally win a series when they play the D-Rays in Tampa starting May 9th, causing Piniella to receive an early exit at least once that weekend.

Top half of the mountain
The Rockies will stay above .500 longer than most expect, reaching the All-Star Break 5 games over.

To the North, you will see Milwaukee... and Pittsburgh, St. Louis,.....
If the Reds don't acquire some pitching soon, they may never be allowed to come out of the basement.