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Passing the Time
June 6, 2005

It's June already, and if your fantasy team consists of Mike Lowell, Adrian Beltre, and others not exactly meeting expectations, you're probably looking for other ways to pass the time while spending your summer evenings watching the local nine on the tube.  A favorite pastime of mine is posting "over/unders" on players who are way above or way below their projections so far (ex. Derrek Lee's .385 BA and Mike Lowell's Mendoza threatening average).  Typically, one person sets the "over/under" for the year on a player (Derrek Lee's year end BA - .338) and the other person can elect "over" or "under."  Of course, this is always just for fun: we at The Commish Online would NEVER suggest anything but the friendliest of wagers, such as a Coke, a dollar, or a first born child.

While you are thinking of your own "over/unders," here are a few you can use right away.  The number after the player is the projected year end "over/under," while the number after it in parentheses is the player's current total as of games ending 06/05/05.  Enjoy!

Derrek Lee's BA - .338 (.385)
Kevin Brown's ERA - 4.42 (5.43)
Mike Lowell's BA - .255 (.218)
Brian Roberts' HR - 21 (11)
Kenny Rogers' ERA - 3.10 (1.62)
Jon Garland's Wins - 16.5 (9)
Eric Chavez's BA - .269 (.236)
Dontrelle Willis' ERA - 2.99 (1.85)
Roger Clemens' Wins - 13 (4)
Clint Barmes' BA - .307 (.329)
Tino Martinez's HR - 25 (12)
Scott Podsednik's SB - 87 (30)
Ichiro Suzuki's Hits - 226 (70)
Albert Pujols' SB - 7 (4)
Greg Muddux's Wins - 12 (4)
Randy Johnson's ERA - 3.27 (3.92)
Paul Konerko's BA - .270 (.228)