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Reader Mail
September 3, 2003

While every team except the Brewers in the National League are battling for the wild card spot and the right to lose to the Giants or Braves, the American League is becoming more clear cut, resulting in a race among Seattle, Oakland, and Boston for 2 playoff spots while Minnesota, Chicago, and Kansas City fight for the AL Central title.

I am going to stick with my original predictions and say that Oakland will win the West, Boston will secure the wild card, and Minnesota will pass by Chicago in the Central thanks to a difficult month facing the White Sox.  In the NL, I believe Philadelphia will hold off everyone else for the wild card while St. Louis will find a way to win the Central.

Of course, these are just my opinions, and my readers have made it known that they don't always share my opinions.  To those of you who have sent positive feedback, I appreciate it, but it doesn't make for interesting reading.  People want to see the train wreck, so here's an old exchange from a not so avid fan of The Commish:
The Commish can't be a hero to everyone, but an angry reader is better than no reader at all.  Thanks to everyone for the comments.  Keep them coming!

Notes and Predictions
Lowell and outside
Mike Lowell's season ending injury will be the dagger in the Marlins' hearts, sending them out of the wild card race in late September.

Texas will "Buck" the trend next year
It's an early prediction, but with a full year under Showalter's rule and some experience for their talented young hitters, the Rangers will finish at least a few games over .500 next year.
Your web site just wasted my time with your worthless information. I just wanted to let you know and take up some of your time as well.


We appreciate your candid comments and always try to provide interesting, informative, and sometimes humorous content for our target audience - fans of
fantasy baseball and major league baseball.

How did you get directed to our site and what were you looking for?  How did we disappoint you in your quest for information?  Thank you for your time.


The Commish

Your article about keeping some past sluggers of baseball (Canseco, Fielder and Fox) out of Cooperstown and their inability to consistently perform on both
sides of the diamond, was what I was referring to. But hey, no one's perfect. I felt this article is a bore in comparison to the referenced powerhouses wonderful and
exasperating careers.

I found your site searching for the list of 500+ homerun hitters and was surprised when Canseco's performance was harshly criticized when in fact MLB's decision of barring him from the game is the real episode that deserves criticism. If I was to rate the article by slugging percentage, which in turn seems fair based on the biased reporting it would be a %.000.




I appreciate your response but fail to see the comparison between reading one of my articles and watching a good baseball player perform on the field.  I too, would much rather watch a game and enjoy a player's career than read one of my articles, but that suggestion was never mentioned in my article.

In addition, the article was not about keeping Jimmie Foxx out of the Hall of Fame, but rather on the lack of credentials Jose Canseco possesses for the Hall of Fame.  His numbers were decent, but his career stats just don't warrant serious consideration.  My two favorite players growing up were Harold Baines and Dale Murphy, yet I don't believe one of them should receive a nod to the Hall either.  Despite Baines' ungodly RBI totals, he didn't do much on the defensive end, and that can't be forgotten.  Murphy's MVP's are impressive, but his greatness fell apart far too quickly to put up the impressive career numbers needed for Hall consideration. 

As you can see, I am not a Canseco basher, nor do I believe in any "decision to ban him" from baseball.  Owners are too greedy.  If an owner thought that Canseco could help his club, he would sign him in a heartbeat, regardless of any pressures from above.  Don't think Steinbrenner wouldn't fork over some cash if a guy like Canseco could get it done, regardless of what Selig or his cronies say.

I fail to see the bias in my reporting, but I enjoyed your wit about my reporting.  In closing, I'm glad you stumbled upon my site while searching for members of the 500 home run club because I know you didn't find Canseco there.


The Commish