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Postseason Odds
September 4, 2009

If you haven't heard of PECOTA or the postseason odds presented by Baseball Prospectus, they are worth a daily look, especially around this time of year.  For a little more tongue-in-cheek view of postseason possibilities, here are TCO's odds of making the postseason:

Yankees (110%)
Selig won't allow the playoffs to occur if NY somehow blows a 7.5 game lead this late

Red Sox (98%)
If Boston doesn't make it by record, Epstein will simply buy an extra win or two to get in

Rays (1%)
The Price is wrong this year.  Good ain't enough in the East.

Tigers (99.9%)
No other Central team is capable of winning more than two straight games.

Twins (3%)
The sooner Minnesota gives up, the sooner the Metrodome can shut down forever!

White Sox (-1%)
The defense isn't fit to air on national TV, so they are already disqualified.

Angels (90%)
Drama-free and boring, Scioscia signed a deal with the devil that allows him 3 more division titles regardless of the roster-full of injuries.

Rangers (13%)
Their undoing was thinking they had enough pitching to get rid of Padilla.

Mariners (0%)
Only on this list because if the Twins and White Sox are here, the Mariners at least deserve a mention.

Phillies (100%)
Rumor has it that Philly is trying to acquire Lincecum and Pujols so that they will have anyone who could possible win a regular season award on their roster.

Braves (5%)
After two decades of overemphasis on pitching and ignoring offense, Atlanta is trying to repeat the formula of losing in the first round.

Marlins (0%)
Until Florida reaches its attendance quota, the team still won't be playoff eligible.

Cardinals (80%)
Fate will try to bring St. Louis down as punishment for making us watch that mediocre team win in '06.

Cubs (15%)
Because of the disdain between fans and players (Soriano, Bradley, Zambrano, etc.), THIS will be the team that surprises all and ends up in the World Series.

Brewers (0%)
Not even if Sabathia came back and pitched every game.

Dodgers (99%)
Poised to be the '09 version of the '08 Cubs.  Great season, early exit?

Rockies (70%)
The same percentage as Helton's salary to the team's payroll.  Almost.

Giants (40%)
This increases to 80% if Bonds comes back today.