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2005 MLB Playoffs
World Series Preview
October 21, 2005

Having been dead wrong about the LCS (predicting LA and St. Louis), I enter this preview with a little apprehension.  Still, I must go with my instincts, so while my prediction will be fearless, I do not recommend using it for wagering purposes.

Normally, I like to compare the stats and examine the matchups, but Houston and Chicago are so similar in style, it will really come down to who executes better.  A quick rundown:
Chicago's starting pitching is deeper but Houston's is more dominant.
Houston's bullpen gets the slight nod but Chicago's is quite capable.
Chicago's lineup is more well rounded but Houston has some dangerous hitters as well.
Both teams have speed, but Chicago has the better defense.
Summary: it's a pretty even matchup.

TCO doesn't stop by telling you it should be a close contest, however.  Despite the difficulty in prediction what can happen in such a closely contested series, here is what WILL happen:

Game 1: The White Sox will get to Clemens early and win the opener.
Game 2: Astros fans will breathe a little easier as Houston wins in what will be the series best game, with Pettitte and Buehrle engaging in a classic battle.
Game 3: Oswalt shows the nation why he is the best pitcher in the series, putting Chicago in a hole.
Game 4: Konerko takes advantage of the Little League distance in left field as the White Sox rout Backe and Houston to tie the series.
Game 5: Clemens pitches better, but Chicago ekes out a victory, scoring the winning run without the benefit of a hit.
Game 6: Buehrle works quickly and effectively, but it is husky Bobby Jenks who is on the mound when the Chicago White Sox win their first World Series since 1917.
Prediction: White Sox in 6

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