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MRLB 2004 Draft
April 21, 2004

Thanks to the well preparedness of MRLB owners, the draft finished in record time.  Here are some thoughts that ran through my head during the draft as I remember them now, with the added luxury of hindsight:

Round 1:  That's about what I expected.
Round 2:  I wonder if I should snag Jake Peavy now before someone swoops in and grabs him.
Round 3:  When did Z Money become a Yanks fan? (ARod, Brown, Jeter)
Round 4:  Wow, if Nomar gets healthy quickly, that's a steal for BartFan.
Round 5:  Maddux, Dunn, Blalock, Crawford?  What round is it again?
Round 6:  Ok, now it's time to take Peavy.  I know Camerano will take him if I wait another round.
Round 7:  Todd Walker becomes the current worst pick of the draft.  Some good players here - Webb, Lopez, Loaiza, Pettitte, Clemens, etc.
Round 11:  Peavy is mine and has essentially clinched the 2004 MRLB Championship for me.
Round 12:  How did Aramis Ramirez, a good hitting third baseman who plays in our hometown, last this long and get chosen AFTER Lowell and Ensberg?
Round 14:  Jody Gerut got drafted now?  Too early.  Same with Griffey.  Speaking of early, I can't believe I drafted the oft (and currently) injured Larry Walker in the 12th round.  That's the second time a Walker has been drafted way too early this year.
Round 15:  Slim Shady drafted his most hated player, Paul Konerko.  The apocalypse has begun.  Like every year, Reggie Sanders was a steal this late.
Round 16:  Craig Wilson is gone.  Now who will be my second catcher?
Round 17:  Dye is finally drafted.  I think he's going to have a good year.  Same with Ben Sheets.
Round 20:  The talent, unlike the pizza, is just about gone.  Might as well have another piece.
Round 21:  Pavano's gone, he's dating Alyssa Milano, and she's hot.
Round 24:  Glad I got Bigbie - I think he'll put up "bigbie" numbers in the O's lineup.
Round 26:  Who is Aqualung Lopez?
Round 27:  Slim just drafted the same player in consecutive rounds - oh wait, apparently Laynce Nix and Kevin Mench are different people.
Round 29:  Rowand might just give the Phat Alberts a decent fifth outfielder option, even this late in the draft.
Round 30:  By mid-May, should I accept the ARod for Peavy or Pujols for Peavy deal?  Pawlak won't change his name to the Phat Jakes, so I'll have to take ARod.

Here's the entire draft in an easy to read spreadsheet.  If you see any spelling errors, please let me know.  Thanks.

-The Commish