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Deals and DLs...
April 24, 2002

While few mistakes were made during the draft, some owners still have suffered statistically due to an incredible amount of injuries early in the season, most notably among the starting pitchers.  About 25% of the starting pitchers taken in the first 15 rounds have either landed on the DL or had a start pushed back.  Kevin Brown, Mark Mulder, Wade Miller, Chan Ho Park, Joe Mays, Andy Pettitte, and Jon Lieber head the list of pitchers battling injuries in April.  Hitters aren't staying healthy either, as Pudge, Juan Gonzalez, Griffey, and others have already hit the shelf.  The teams most affected by the injury bug are the Jag Bags and the North Siders, and the standings reflect it.  Injuries to Pokey Reese, Pudge, Juan Gonzalez, Chan Ho Park, and Todd Hundley have made it difficult for the Jags Bags to field a quality team, while the North Siders have been hit with injuries to Griffey, Wade Miller, Lieber, Erstad, and Roberto Hernandez.  Eventually, these players will get healthy and these two teams should find themselves climbing in the standings.  Until then they just have to make due with their reserves.

Despite a season only three weeks old, three trades have already been made as MRLB owners look to balance out their teams without helping the enemy too much.  Let's take a quick look at the trades:

1.  Flux Capacitors trade E. Alfonzo and A. Jones to Big League Chew for C. Beltran, J. Valentin, and R. White.

Comment:  Flux Caps hate A. Jones and were looking for a little more speed and power in the lineup while BLC benefits from the sheer talent of Jones and the likely high average of Alfonzo.

2.  Slim Shady trades B. Duckworth and P. Lo Duca to Vandelay Industries for M. McClemore and Jose Cruz.

Comment:  Slim gets some much needed SBs out of both players while Vandelay trades for some starting pitching and the always coveted good hitting catcher.

3.  North Siders trade Derek Jeter to Selig's Scabs for Greg Maddux.

Comment:  Simple - North needed pitching and Selig needed a shortstop, so they swapped two of the best at their respective positions.

A few months from now, we'll examine some of the trades and see who got the better end of the deal.  Until then, keep on trading!

-The Commish