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Back From the Dead:  FPS Reports
May 1, 2002

Just when you thought the infamous FPS stat was dead and gone forever, it returns better than ever - OK, not better, but just the same nonetheless. For those of you not familiar with FPS (Fantasy Production Statistic), you can read more about it here.  Check out the spreadsheet below for the top 50 fantasy players for the month of April.
It's certainly no surprise that Randy Johnson is dominated fantasy baseball with an FPS of 243 for April and that Vavster, MRLB owner of Randy Johnson, is currently in first place.  Johnson has the ability to carry a fantasy staff because he can put up numbers in 4 pitching categories good or better than any pitcher in the league right now.  The real surprise is Torii Hunter, who's tearing up the AL right now with speed, power, and average.  For the Twins and Big League Chew, hopefully Hunter's success is year long.

Many relievers are in the top 20 simply because of a high save rate over the course of a month.  Remember that the FPS is geared more toward season-long analysis rather than short term results.  By season's end, closers and basestealers will find themselves with a more accurate ranking.  Those two categories are in limited supply, however, which is why a premium is put on their numbers.

Others players to note in the rankings are Lance Berkman (31st) and Manny Ramirez (41st).  Berkman is getting a lot of hype for his 10 home runs in April, but an accompanying .255 average with 0 stolen bases can frustrate a fantasy owner.  In Ramirez's case, the batting average is high but his HR total is lower than Berkman's and Manny also has no stolen bases.  Two stole bases per month by a power hitter may mean absolutely nothing to a MLB club, but to a fantasy owner it makes a world of difference (see Magglio Ordonez at #19). 

Speaking of stolen bases, will A Rod continue to be the best 5-category fantasy player out there or is he done in the stolen base category (0 for April).  With the big contract, look for him to follow in the footsteps of Griffey, Sosa, and Bonds.  As fhe balls fly out of the park at a greater rate, the "extra base" starts becoming insignificant (except the fantasy owners).  Good luck and enjoy the stats!