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May 12, 2003

The Commish has been involved in some major deals in the past week, and other owners will soon follow.  In an effort to dissect the trades as time passes, I have started a trade log which lists each traded player's stats before the trade.  At the end of the year I will post the stats after the trade for each player, occasionally updating them along the way.  The statistics will be MLB stats, not fantasy stats, so if a player is traded a second time, dropped, benched, etc., it won't be reflected in the spreadsheet.  The sheet is meant to be a guide for those involved to see how their teams would have fared if the trade never happened.

It's possible that one team may have benefitted more from the overall stats, but the other team was helped more because they won a category thanks to an acquisition in the deal.  Whatever the case, this is just another way to stir up some debate and friendly trash talking over the next few months.  The updated spreadsheet will always be posted on the current MRLB News and Views page so you'll never have to look through the archives to find it.  Good luck, and there's a bounty out for the first guy to take down Slim Shady!