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Up For Grabs
May 24, 2002

With only one week to go in May, it is safe to say that all ten owners still have a legitimate shot at the MRLB title.  The two teams tied for last both have reason to believe that it won't last long.  Vandelay Industries, previously weak on pitching, made a deal to acquire Tim Hudson and Al Leiter.  Combining those two starters with a pitching staff that includes Rivera, Sabathia, and Oswalt, should help Vandelay gain some much needed points in the pitching categories.  Jag Bags has one of the better lineups in MRLB but has more red crosses on his roster than a mission to Bangladesh.  With Juan Gonzalez and Moises Alou relatively healthy, Jag should climb a little in the standings while waiting for Aurilia and Pudge to get off the DL.

Currently, only 11.5 points separate the top 5 teams.  It's not out of the question to suggest that Stonecutters, the 5th place team, could be in first at the end of the Memorial Day weekend.  So far, no team has shown any true dominance in both pitching and hitting.  Vavster, Selig, Flux, and Stonecutters all face similar scenarios:  great pitching stats with slightly better than average hitting scores.  Big League Chew is the only team in the top 5 with a higher hitting total than pitching total.  The team who best trades away its surplus talent for needed hitting will likely be the leader at the All-Star Break.

In other news, many of you have not paid for the league yet and the All-Star Game will be here before you know it.  Please send your check ASAP before you fall out of contention.  Check the MRLB website for my address.  Thanks in advance.