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Analyzing the Trades
July 9, 2003

We are right at the halfway point, and they have already been TEN trades in MRLB.  Camerano is the main dealer with involvement in half of all trades, but most teams have participated, with only two teams failing to make a trade so far.  What are you waiting for, North Siders and Damage, Inc.?

So who got the best of the deals so far?  With so many deals, it's tough to look at the "before and after standings," (especially with Camerano), but as your Commish, I will attempt to break down the results so far.  Let's take a look at some of the earlier trades:

- The Palmeiro for Castillo trade seems to have helped both sides (Flux and Stonecutters) so far.  Palmeiro is still hitting HRs but with a low BA, while Castillo isn't stealing many bases but is still hitting for a high average.

- The huge deal between Flux and Towns is still too close to call.  Pedro and the hitters Towns received are doing well (Koskie, etc), but Hudson, Glaus, and the others (Hunter, Burnitz) are performing highly as well.  Sasaki's injury is hurting Flux, but the deal seems equal overall.

- Unlimited Access made out so far on the deal with Camerano, receiving Bonds for Vlad and the exchange of the 2 Houston pitchers.  Vlad's injuries have limited him to just 30 ABs since the trade while Bonds has socked 15 HRs since the deal (and 34 RBI, 31 R).

- Nick Johnson hasn't played since Vavster acquired him, but Ventura has been hurting Stonecutters with a .198 BA and 2 HRs since the deal.

- Camerano is way ahead in the deal with Towns, receiving a rejuvenated Freddy Garcia (2.70 ERA, 4 - 1 since the trade) and a consistent Derrek Lee while Towns's new players (K. Wells, Miller, Jordan, Randa) haven't done much to help his club.

- Camerano is also slightly ahead in the Ishii and Dotel for Damon deal with Vandelay.  Damon hasn't done much for Vandelay (.261, 5 SBs, but 20 RBI) while Ishii is 3 - 1 with 36 Ks and a 1.946 ERA in just 6 starts since the deal.  Dotel has been typically solid.  It's early in this trade, and if Vandelay needed SBs and Rs, it could still pay off for both squads.

- Slim Shady benefitted from an early hitting barrage from Garret Anderson in his recent deal with Vavster.  Gil Meche has done nothing impressive, but Anderson's numbers (12 HRs, 30 RBIs since the trade) more than offset the mediocre numbers put up by Biddle and Mondesi since Vavster received them.

The other trades don't have enough history behind them to analyze just yet, so stay tuned, keep reading The Commish, and keep striving for the MRLB Championship because it's not over until the last day of the season.  Good luck in the second half!