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Kobe Bryant and Other Stuff
November 26, 2003
by Sean Mullin

Yesterday’s events have made me come to think that it’s time for me to chime in on the Kobe Bryant case.   The full story can be found at but the gist of it is:

“Sealing court filings in the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case could hurt public confidence in the judicial system, attorneys for media organizations argued Tuesday.” 

Here’s my response: Wrong!  After the O.J. Simpson case and others like it, it seems to me that public confidence in the judicial system is already shaken.

But let’s play devil’s advocate for a second and assume that a) the public has confidence in the judicial system—which it doesn’t—and b) that denying the media’s motion could actually “hurt” this confidence. 

When you take those two facts and put them together, am I the only one who wonders how pathetic that is?  Think about it: the press seems to be arguing here that the public is apparently so emotional that it would be willing to entirely alter its opinion on the judicial system because of ONE minor incident.  That just doesn’t make any sense.  And, if, God forbid, it’s somehow true, well, that’s just really, really sad, isn’t it?

So, if I was the judge—and I’m glad I’m not, by the way—I’d deny this motion immediately.

Other Stuff

My fantasy basketball team is getting pounded.  I’m in contention for sucking.  I’ve put Scottie Pippen back on the bench because, as my friend J.H. would say, “He’s nothing without Jordan.”

Thanks to everyone—and there were lots of you—who told me what a field goal (in basketball) is.  It still seems like an odd term to me but, hey, it is what it is and it’s any non-free-throw shot.

I’ll get back to the rules eventually, when I can stomach more diagrams.  Does anyone want to volunteer to be my interpreter?  Email me at if you’re interested.

The Rook originally hails from Boston and currently resides in Kansas.  He can be reached at