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The Padres are just getting over an 8-game winning streak (shocking, I know), but even more impressive than the streak is the difference in runs scored to runs allowed (+21).  The 4.6 runs per game isn't earth shattering, but it has been enough to reward the young steady pitching with some wins.  There's not a star anywhere on the pitching roster, but give San Diego credit for playing within its means.

I don't think it will last, as guys like Garland and Correia are destined to return to their statistical norms, but if Headley and Venable can continue to hit and force pitchers to throw to Gonzalez more, the Padres should at least be able to provide the fans with a respectable summer.

Carlos Zambrano is headed to the bullpen.  Read the latest Hot Corner to find out why this is the most illogical baseball move since... since... ever?!

Why I don't like Ron Santo as a broadcaster (example 1 of 834):
Earlier in today's broadcast, Santo asked his broadcast partner (the patient Pat Hughes) if Marlon Byrd ever played in the National League before.  Uhhh... yeah Ronny, like from 2002 to 2006.  Besides the fact the Byrd is on the Cubs and Santo should already be aware of his background, how about the fact that as a National Leaguer, Byrd played 16 games against the Cubs and had 64 plate appearances against Chicago over the years?!

Santo defenders cite his "spirit," "passion," and "love of the game."  For the record, none of those qualities make for a good qualification as an analyst.

If Ron wants to be an ambassador for the Cubs like Ernie Banks, then great - let him smile, greet the fans, and talk about nothing of any significance.  As an employer who gets paid to analyze the current games, however, Santo's lack of preparedness is beyond embarrassing.  When the casual listener is answering the analyst's questions on his drive home from work, it's time for that analyst to be reassigned.  The biggest problem to note is that more often than not, Santo is asking questions rather than making statements.

What we have learned so far this season: Houston is not very good, San Francisco's pitching is for real, and Toronto has inexplicably rattled off 5 straight wins and counting.  Here's hoping the Blue Jays can continue their success for a while and throw a wrench into the New York / Boston domination of the AL East.

Well that didn't take long.  In typical Chipper Jones fashion, he hit a game winning home run in the second game of the season.  Then, in typical Chipper Jones fashion, he strained his oblique swinging the very next day and is likely out for at least the next series.  Atlanta may have pitching depth, but there aren't many solid corner infielders sitting on the Braves' bench ready to start every day.

This year's TCO Season Preview took a little longer than normal, but that's because it's presented in an all new haiku version!  Yes, you read that right.  Rather than being like every other baseball publication, TCO took it to a new artsy level this year, so enjoy the haikus AND the fearless predictions.  If we're wrong this year, at least we will be unique!  Check it out here!

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