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The Draft 2002
April 9, 2002

The 2002 MRLB Draft went well.  Check it out here for the draft list and some pictures.

Let's look at the draft in more detail:

Round 1:  ARod, Sosa, Helton, Big Unit.  No real surprises here.  Hard to believe that EVERY owner passed on the guy with the best offensive season in the history of baseball last year, giving Damage Inc. a nice gift with the last pick in the first round.

Round 2:  Was Kevin Brown taken too early with his recent history of injuries?

Round 3:  Will Trevor Hoffman live up to the status of a 3rd round draft pick?

Round 7:  Mulder, Oswalt, and Wagner - 3 potential bargains in Round 7.

Round 10:  Mostly veterans chosen.  Few risks in this round (Durham, Koskie, Mondesi, Smoltz, Stewart, Cedeno)

Round 11:  Round of potential - Beckett, Dunn, J. Ortiz, Beltre.  Who will fly and who will flop?

Rounds 18-20:  Everyone begins filling out their pitching staff, drafting the remaining #3 type starters.

Rounds 25-30:  Owners fill out their reserves but some potential stars still found -B. Lawrence, Duckworth, Padilla, etc.