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BLOG ARCHIVE:  04/08/04 - 04/21/04
While many people complained that Barry Bonds' chase of Willie Mays was getting too much publicity since it's just for third place (but for third place all time!!!), this time Barry is not getting his due.  Yesterday, Bonds hit a home run in his SEVENTH consecutive game, just one shy of the record shared by Dale Long, Don Mattingly, and Ken Griffey Jr.  Until this morning, very few media outlets paid much attention.  I can remember Mattingly's and Griffey's pursuits as if they were chasing a 56-game hitting streak.  The media wave started at about the fourth game for each, but with Bonds just one away from the record, we are stuck listening to the tenth consecutive day of the NFL draft breakdown so we can all be better educated on what offensive tackle might get chosen by the Bengals in the fourth round.  I recommend turning off the draftspeak and tuning into Barry tonight.  As a bonus, you will get to watch an up and coming pitcher named Jake Peavy throw for the Padres.

The Commish's mixed league fantasy draft is now available for your perusal.  The Commish's team is the Flux Capacitors, currently in 4th place and rising...

If you need anything stat-related to baseball, you won't find a better site that  Be sure to check out the Harold Baines page, sponsored by yours truly.

After seeing the Padres play in new Petco Park last night, I have to agree with all of the early returns about it being a pitcher's park, or at least a park not conducive to the long ball.  Singles and gap hitters should flourish, but Ryan Klesko absolutely K-rushed a ball to center only to have Milton Bradley make a casual over-the-shoulder catch short of the warning track.  Center field tops out at just 396 feet, but if Klesko's ball didn't clear the fence last night, not much else will.

Have you seen the new Toronto Blue Jays logo?  Worst. logo. ever.
Ok, maybe it's not that bad, but it's eerily similar to the Devil Rays logo, and that's not a compliment?  What do you think is baseball's worst logo ever?  Send us your comments!

Better late than never, it's TCO's 2004 MLB Season Preview!

30 years ago today, Hank Aaron parked an Al Downing pitch over the left-center fence for his 715th career home run, breaking Babe Ruth's major league record.  Despite this feat, Aaron is still one of the most underrated stars of his generation.

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