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BLOG ARCHIVE:  04/01/07 - 04/30/07
When do you know you're not quite the worldbeater you thought you were?  When it's 2007, you're the New York Mets, and you are depending on Chan Ho Park to come up from Triple-A and rescue the staff.  Park's ERA in the minors is 7.29, but I'm sure major league hitters will be easier.

So it's almost May, you are leading your fantasy baseball league by a wide margin, and you are just too cool for school.  Guess again.  The latest Foul Territory paints the ugly truth about us couch-sitting, Baseball Tonight viewers: we're as lame as the rest of the "hobbyists."

Did anyone NOT see this coming?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Mark Buerhle threw a no-hitter last night, blanking the Rangers on just one walk to Sammy Sosa in the 5th inning (who was promptly picked off).  More importantly, Kansas City outfielder Joey Gathright can jump over cars!!

Back in February, I vowed to beat the projectionists (not the pimple-faced guys showing you the latest Spider-Man movie) at their own game while investing almost no time in it.  The latest Fantasy Focus reveals my projections for 25 hitters and 25 pitchers.  By season's end, we will know if all the computer models are worth it, or if everyone should just start calling my 1-900 number.  Check it out now!

How can you tell when it might be a looonnngg season for Chicago baseball fans?  When on a Sunday in April, the White Sox and Cubs give up a COMBINED total of 3 hits... and LOSE both games.

If and when Barry Bonds passes Aaron for most career home runs, don't look for Hammerin' Hank to be walking on the field shaking Barry's hand.  Aaron, like the rest of us, are simply tired of it.

The Padres scored a huge value deal, signing 27-year-old pitcher Chris Young to a 4-year contract worth just $14.5 million.  Young is entering his prime, finally getting comfortable in his 6-10 frame, and doesn't have any arm issues that should hamper his progress.  Young showed his potential last year and should continue to pay big (and tall) dividends for San Diego over the next half decade. 

It's deals like these that have enabled San Diego to stay competitive, while San Francisco has been taking the opposite approach with bloated signings for Zito and the like.  Both strategies may work, but San Diego's approach allows much more room for error.  Details about Young's contract can be found at

All of the postponements are wreaking havoc not only with MLB but, more importantly, with fans' fantasy baseball teams.  If you're like me and have a handful of Cleveland and Seattle players, you are just begging MLB to let these guys play some games, snow or no snow.  Now, it appears that Cleveland will play host to the Angels in the city famous for the Fonz, Laverne & Shirley, and the Shotz Brewery, thanks to a retractable roof in new Miller Park.

If the Smashing Pumpkins were still relevant, I'd be quoting them.  What the heck, I'll give in:  "Today's the greatest... day I've ever known."  That's right, Major League Baseball FINALLY came to its senses and is distributing the Extra Innings package for cable providers as well as DirecTv, thus ending the potential exclusive deal with DirecTv.  For all the juicy details, check out this article from MarketWatch.  Oh, and Dish TV subscribers - you're still screwed.

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