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BLOG ARCHIVE:  05/19/04 - 05/26/04
I went to the White Sox game last night and a slugfest broke out.  The teams scored some runs, too.

I'm not sure what the chart below tells you about value in a middle infielder, but I know that for my money I'd take my chances with Loretta and give a ton of cash to a big hitter like ARod or Sosa or Bonds.  And don't get confused - Jeter is no ARod, but somehow his "leadership" abilities landed him just shy of the $20 mil/year mark.  With a cheap talent like Loretta up the middle, a team can afford to take chances.  Any non-Yankee team stuck with a contract like Jeter's will find itself in a major funk if that player slumps for an extended period of time.  Even the Yankees themselves may be headed for a decline, although if there's money to be spent, George will find a way to improve.
When new to a fantasy league, one's instinct is to take action, regardless of the situation.  In my league, newcomer Jon Erickson has already made SIX trades in an effort to improve his team.  Will it pan out?  You be the judge.

Is your fantasy team struggling in the pitching department?  A quick look at WHIP ratio could land you a deal to make up ground fast.
If you were near a TV last night, then chances are you at least saw highlights of Randy Johnson's perfect game.  Despite watching the Big Unit's dominance all night, the biggest achievement would have been if catcher Robby Hammock could jump and touch the top of Johnson's head.  Hammock looked like a school boy with catcher's gear on next to Johnson, jumping up and down like a boy on Christmas morning that got the train set he wanted, while Johnson cracked a smile and didn't quite know how to react.  In all, it was a great site to see players just happy to be playing.  It may be a lot about the money, but last night showed that it's not all about the money, and that's why we keep watching.

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Robby Hammock needs a ladder to give Randy Johnson a high five after his perfect game Tuesday night.
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